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Messages now retain format
Farm upgrades now working correctly
Character Options page cleaned up
Layout tweaks to main site and Orange CSS
Framework for new island laid out
Steel items coded in and image work completed
Items can now be unequipped by clicking on them in paper doll


New Mining, Smelting, Cooking, Fishing actions coded into new island


Hellfyre Cavern Released


Lockpicking now requires Lockpicks


Crafting Dark Staff, Advanced Staff and Staff Of Bronack added to crafting
Chefs Aprons can now be equipped and provide a timer reduction
Chefs Hats can now be equipped and provide a success boost
Player House and Guild Land pages now open in splash screen
Events list now shows required level
Timer bug fixed on Cooking, Smithing and Mining
Lumber Tripling bug fixed on house construction


Foundation for roaming NPC's coded
Whisper History now shows both sides of the conversation
Global boost page now displays as a countdown timer
Food Use is now in effect


New forum posts and replies now show notification and link in chat
Tweaked javascript to stop timer disappearing between actions


Spells now open in splash screen
MP should no longer go into negative amounts
Unequip items fixed
Spells can now be cast on other players via the players menu
Clicking your character level now displays exp information
Blank boxes should no longer appear
Players receive a whisper notification when spells are cast upon them


Username in top left corner will turn green when you have active spells
All cooking actions have been updated to use all equipment available


Coded added to player farms to prevent planting of seeds not yet coded
Bronze, Iron & Steel Saws added to smithing
reCaptcha has been added to Forum & Wiki registration to help cut down on bots
Basic Smoker added to Crafting at Navine


Combat Update - Mob stats/Exp has been balanced
2 new higher mobs have been added to Emberstone
1 New CL 1 Mob has been added to Nevacave, This should help starting combat easier
Hours/Minutes Played update with each action rather than each botcheck
Missing Lightfoot spell for new players has been fixed
Combat user interface has been updated
Mouseover text for food on combat screen now displays HP value
Current HP display added under HP bar on combat screen


Gardening Gloves added to tailoring at Krysvol Docks
More action files brought up to date
Various bug fixes
Food use in combat fixed so you can eat multiple items
Chat will default to world or guild depending on your situation


Crafting Update - Chilli Con Carne can be eaten to provide a success boost. Chillis stack up to a max of 40 (= +20%)
New crafting tool added as event drop (Reinforced Crafting Knife)


Mallet added to Marvillia Market
XP Increased for Magic gained from casting spells from 15 per spell cast to 50, XP Boost also effective on Spell casting


Mallet added to crafting at Ikstrine
Guild members list now shows offline members in red and online in green
Another 30 action files updated to new code
Building boats has been fixed


Foraging section in manual updated
Hunting, Fishing Action/Invasion files updated
Players can now add to a SH via the new layout

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