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 +Messages now retain format\\
 +Farm upgrades now working correctly\\
 +Character Options page cleaned up\\
 +Layout tweaks to main site and Orange CSS\\
 +Framework for new island laid out\\
 +Steel items coded in and image work completed\\
 +Items can now be unequipped by clicking on them in paper doll\\
 +New Mining, Smelting, Cooking, Fishing actions coded into new island\\
 +Hellfyre Cavern Released\\
 +Lockpicking now requires Lockpicks\\
 +Crafting Dark Staff, Advanced Staff and Staff Of Bronack added to crafting\\
 +Chefs Aprons can now be equipped and provide a timer reduction\\
 +Chefs Hats can now be equipped and provide a success boost\\
 +Player House and Guild Land pages now open in splash screen\\
 +Events list now shows required level\\
 +Timer bug fixed on Cooking, Smithing and Mining\\
 +Lumber Tripling bug fixed on house construction\\
 +Foundation for roaming NPC's coded\\
 +Whisper History now shows both sides of the conversation\\
 +Global boost page now displays as a countdown timer\\
 +Food Use is now in effect\\
 +New forum posts and replies now show notification and link in chat\\
 +Tweaked javascript to stop timer disappearing between actions\\
 +21/​08/​2018\\ ​
 +Spells now open in splash screen\\
 +MP should no longer go into negative amounts\\
 +Unequip items fixed\\
 +Spells can now be cast on other players via the players menu\\
 +Clicking your character level now displays exp information\\
 +Blank boxes should no longer appear\\
 +Players receive a whisper notification when spells are cast upon them\\
 +Username in top left corner will turn green when you have active spells\\
 +All cooking actions have been updated to use all equipment available\\
 +Coded added to player farms to prevent planting of seeds not yet coded\\
 +Bronze, Iron & Steel Saws added to smithing\\
 +reCaptcha has been added to Forum & Wiki registration to help cut down on bots\\
 +Basic Smoker added to Crafting at Navine\\
 +Combat Update - Mob stats/Exp has been balanced\\ ​
 +2 new higher mobs have been added to Emberstone\\ ​
 +1 New CL 1 Mob has been added to Nevacave, This should help starting combat easier\\
 +Hours/​Minutes Played update with each action rather than each botcheck\\
 +Missing Lightfoot spell for new players has been fixed\\
 +Combat user interface has been updated\\
 +Mouseover text for food on combat screen now displays HP value\\
 +Current HP display added under HP bar on combat screen\\
 +Gardening Gloves added to tailoring at Krysvol Docks\\
 +More action files brought up to date\\
 +Various bug fixes\\
 +Food use in combat fixed so you can eat multiple items\\
 +Chat will default to world or guild depending on your situation\\
 +Crafting Update - Chilli Con Carne can be eaten to provide a success boost. Chillis stack up to a max of 40 (= +20%)\\
 +New crafting tool added as event drop (Reinforced Crafting Knife)\\
 +Mallet added to Marvillia Market\\
 +XP Increased for Magic gained from casting spells from 15 per spell cast to 50, XP Boost also effective on Spell casting\\
 +Mallet added to crafting at Ikstrine\\
 +Guild members list now shows offline members in red and online in green\\
 +Another 30 action files updated to new code\\
 +Building boats has been fixed\\
 +Foraging section in manual updated\\
 +Hunting, Fishing Action/​Invasion files updated\\
 +Players can now add to a SH via the new layout\\
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