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 +====== Bats =====
 +Until recently not much was known about Nevacave until explorers uncovered a cave network discovering many new species and wonders to explore. a few hunters deemed worthy rushed to aid in the exploration in hopes of finding new hunts.
 +As the Hunters explored they discovered a species of Bat lived in these caves, a rare sight indeed but quickly they started to research their habits and patterns and documented all they could about this wonderful new creature. ​
 +(Bats are a new Creature and Hunters are recording details as quickly as we can and this is by no means a finished article ​ #Hunters Guild)
 +Can be found [[Hunting]]
 +^ Level ^ Type    ^ Drops   ​^Location ​       ^XP  ^Bait ^Tool ^
 +| 10 | [[Bats]] | {{:​inventory:​bone.png}} [[Bone]] \\ {{:​inventory:​hide.png}}[[Hide]] \\ {{:​inventory:​lettuce seed.png}} [[Lettuce seed]] \\ {{:​inventory:​amber.png}} [[Amber]] \\ {{:​inventory:​coins.png}} [[Solars]] | [[The Gust]] | 25 | {{:​inventory:​lettuce seed.png}} [[Lettuce Seed]] | {{:​inventory:​snare.png}}[[Snare]] |