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 +===== Bears =====
 +Largest of the discovered Species Bears quickly became a target for hunters as they provided meat and hides that aided the neighbouring towns. its hunting forced the bears to migrate away from busy areas and are now mainly found on the Hinland Island.
 +Despite their size bears have not been known to be dangerous as most hunters are skilled enough to tackle the mighty beasts safely and quickly, Bears are however smarter than the average bear and have been known to rummage picnics and campsites on Hinland for food or whatever they find useful to eat. this has led the Hunters Association to discover some rather odd trinkets and items inside the bears.
 +^ Level ^ Type    ^ Drops   ​^Location ​       ^XP  ^Bait ^Tool ^
 +| 15    | [[Bear]] |  {{:​inventory:​raw meat.png??​50|}} [[Raw Meat]] \\  {{:​inventory:​emerald.png??​50|}} [[Emerald]] ​ \\  {{:​inventory:​treasure chest.png??​50|}} [[Treasure Chest]] ​ \\ {{:​inventory:​bone.png}} [[Bone]]\\ ​ {{:​inventory:​bear hide.png??​50|}}[[Bear Hide]] ​ \\  {{:​inventory:​tooth.png??​50|}}[[Tooth]] ​  | [[Hinlands]] ​  ​|30| ​ {{:​inventory:​herring.png??​50|}}[[Herring]]| ​ {{:​bear_trap.png?​50|}}[[Bear Trap]] |