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Deep within the dark depths of Triborn are the resources of the land, used vastly across all of Triborn Many miners have took to the underground in search of such valuable resources, they say Maalsaz is the ideal place to start looking for these resources.

Level Ore Drop Location XP Tool
1 CopperCopper Emerald Maalsaz 15 Pickaxe
1 TinTin Undiscovered Maalsaz 15 Pickaxe
5 StoneStone Stone Blocks Marxzel 22 Pickaxe
10 ClayClay Treasure Chest Marxzel 25 Pickaxe
15 IronIron Emerald
Maalsaz 30Pickaxe
30 CoalCoal Diamond Marxzel 40 Pickaxe
40 GlassGlass Undiscovered Klya 45 Undiscovered
50 Silver Silver Undiscovered Undiscovered 70 Undiscovered
65 DuraniumDuranium Undiscovered Undiscovered 90 Undiscovered
80 GoldGold Undiscovered Undiscovered 215 Undiscovered
100TriborniumTribornium Undiscovered Undiscovered 300 Undiscovered
100 MithrilMithril UndiscoveredUndiscovered 450 Undiscovered

As you mine away the valuable resources you may uncover buried treasures, some of which might be rarer than the resource itself. Not much has been documented on what may be buried deep within the earth.

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