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 //Any deliberate malicious tampering alterations to show incorrect information will result in a harsh punishment.//​ //Any deliberate malicious tampering alterations to show incorrect information will result in a harsh punishment.//​
-====== Prior Polls ======+Hi Everyone,
-Fail rates on resource processing only\\  +As a lot of you may of noticed I have been missing from the game for the past couple of weeks. This has mainly been due to health and work, however, it has given me time to think about Triborn and its future. After having discussions with other staff members I feel it's now time to get the input from you and hear your thoughts ​on my plans, and also help me choose the best route going forward.
-Keep current forum\\  +
-No Crowding Penalties\\ ​+
 +One of the first things I want to address is the games running costs. As these have increased and our player base is low I will have to add another advert. This advert will be small and only appear along side the bot check so it will not be visible during normal play.
-===== Current Game Poll ======+Now that’s out of the way let’s talk about the game in general and its bugs v updates and new content.
-<​doodle +As we all know there are quite a few bugs that need to be addressed, players are waiting for new content and some are in need of new content. That being said we come to the main point of this postI want to get a feel for the opinions of the players and how you want the future ​to unfold. The way I see it we have a few options.
-  title="​What level of information regarding ​new game events/​items/​holidays do you want?"​ +
-  auth="​ip"​ +
-  adminUsers="​evert"​ +
-  adminGroups=""​ +
-  voteType="​single"​ +
-  fieldwidth="​auto"​ +
-  closed="​false"​  +
-   * Dont change anything, Keep it as it is we like to find out for ourselves. +
-   * Change slightly ​to only include minimal information +
-   * No messing around we want to know everything including Everts bra size +
 +Option A
 +All work on new content is stopped and efforts are put into fixing all the bugs we have, making changes to the game code regarding drops, exp, foods, rates etc all while the game is active. Downside to this is some parts of the game may be down for days, perhaps even a couple of weeks. Upside to this is you start to reap the benefits sooner as in game features get repaired and cleaned.
 +Option B
 +Balance the work between fixing bugs/game code tweaks and developing new content. Downside to this is as above, but will take longer to get all the bugs fixed. Upside is new content is also being developed but will be released at a slower rate.
 +Option C
 +I spend all my efforts working on the game on another server away from the live version. First off fixing all ugs then game code tweaks and finishing off with adding new content and features. Then, when its been tested by a select few and everything is working spot on it will replace the live version. The downside to this is you won’t see any changes to the game for some time and will have to be a bit more patient with me. The upside is when it's done and released you will reap the benefit of everything working correctly in one go, with all new content, balanced out drop rates and experience.
 +This option will be a re-release of sorts and as such would also come with a further few options.
 + 1, Restart the new version with inventory in tact.
 + 2, Restart with the inventories reduced to percentage of what they are now.
 + 3, Restart with all inventories (beside special items) deleted, a fresh start.
 + 4, A complete reset of the game from scratch for everyone.
 +Options 1 - 3 will also come with a choice for each player to have their accounts reset if they wish. But unless specifically asked for, other than option 4, all players/​guild experience points will be untouched.
 +Please remember that I am one person coding and I do work and have some health issues which can at times affect my ability to code. I thank you all for your support, input and patience with me and Triborn. As always I welcome any feedback from you good or bad.
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